The heat of the hot water filling the bath tub had made my body temperature rise. The bubbles tickling my already sensitive skin.

I closed my eyes, as my hand slid down my body, between my legs to my clit. …

I want to hear you moan,
in my mouth,
in my ears,
on my body,
on my pussy,
when my lips are wrapped around your cock,
when I’m kissing all over your body!
Moan for me.

Black suit, blue shirt, she couldn’t stop staring at him, he was hypnotic, she couldn’t tear her eyes away.

And then he caught her gaze, gave a little smirk and a wink, then looked away.


He was going to be the reason her panties would be in pieces on the floor tonight.

There she was dancing again, did she know how much it effected men? Watching her writhing to the music. Did she even care?

All eyes are on her body, wanting to pull her off that floor & fuck her senseless.

She knew, she definitely knew. That kind of power turned her on.

I crave my lips on your body.
My tongue drawing circles on your skin.

I crave my hands touching your body.
My fingers gripping your hips digging in.

I crave my body on your body.
You feeling my hardness deep within.

I crave and want your body. …

Teasing and tempting him was the best part of her day, naughty pictures, voice notes of her moaning his name. Each message she upped her game.

She knew, the more riled up she could get him while he was at work, the better the punishment she was given when he got home.

Lately I’ve been craving you. A taste is all I need. Will you come devour me? Make my soul complete.

A gentle squeeze, the lightest grip. Her panties soaked instantly.

Her eyes locked with his, and with defiance in her eyes she taunted him with one word…


Entice him,
Tease him,
Drive him wild.

Touch him,
Taste him,
Fuck his brains out.

Like a house on fire, she drew him in.
Dangerous and tempting.
He ignored all the warning signs.
She was going to burn him.
And he didn’t care.
He’d do anything to feel her heat.

Greedy Minx

~ Face of an Angel, mind of a Sinner! Short story writer ~

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